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Editorial Reviews
Here's what reviewers are saying about "The Antibiotic Alternative."

In The Antibiotic Alternative, Cindy L. A. Jones, Ph.D., gives the straight scoop on antibiotics - how they work, potential side effects, dangers of overuse, and compelling reasons to use them with restraint. But that's not all. In clear, concise language, Dr. Jones also provides accurate information on disease-causing microorganisms, immune defense, the pros and cons of routine immunization, the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, and non-drug management of a host of common infectious diseases. Her coverage of these subjects is balanced and supported by an abundance of research. This book is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in maintaining optimum health.
-Linda B. White, MD, coauthor of Kids, Herbs, and Health and The Herbal Drugstore.

The Antibiotic Alternative by Cindy L. A. Jones, Ph.D. offers a natural way to fight infection and maintain a healthy immune system.
-New Living, November 2000

Antibiotics were once hailed as the magic bullet that would put an end to the threat of infectious disease. In the last fifteen years though, there has been an alarming increase in cases of bacterial infections that will not respond to antibiotics. The author discusses how dependence on antibiotics is dangerous because bacteria have found ways to outsmart them producing resistant strains that cannot be easily controlled. In this book, you will learn how to protect you and your family from the misuse of antibiotics, how to control and overcome infections with natural remedies, and how to maintain a healthy and vibrant immune system without antibiotic dependency.
-Frontier Perspectives, Temple University

Why use an antibiotic alternative? The reasons to look elsewhere are compelling. Even when properly administered, antibiotics weaken the immune system by altering the body's natural bacterial balance. They are over-prescribed, often inappropriately, and are being used preventively to ward off infections. In addition to weakening individual immune systems, antibiotics have led to resistant strains of bacteria. The author, who holds a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology, suggests going back to the basics - building a healthy immune system. Her message? Resist from within.
The benefits of these holistic approaches are fewer side effects, a stronger immune system, and less expense.
-Irene Tysh, The Bloomsbury Review

With advice on stress management and diet, . . . the author shows how to ward off infectious disease naturally without antibiotic over-dependence.                        
-The New Times, February, 2001

The Antibiotic Alternative by Cindy L. A. Jones, Ph.D., addresses the problems of antibiotic misuse and options for herbal substitutes. Jones aims to educate her readers in making careful choices, and much of the book is devoted to background information about pathogens, major infectious diseases and the biology of how the body fights infection. Her sound advice will help readers determine when and how to use herbs, when to use more “Western” treatments such as vaccines and antibiotics, when to try self-diagnosis and treatment and when to see a doctor. An alphabetical list of ailments with suggested herbal remedies rounds out this helpful resource.
-Body & Soul Magazine - Holistic Health Guide 2001

With advice on stress management and diet and complete monographs of a dozen readily available herbs, the author shows how to ward off infectious disease naturally without antibiotic over-dependence. The book gives directions for making herbal teas, salves, and tinctures, and includes specific herbal recommendations for over twenty common ailments ranging from acne to yeast infections.
-New Times

I learned a great deal from The Antibiotic Alternative. I also found it easy and enjoyable to read, extremely informative and interesting. Cindy gives you the full scope of the subject from historical to modern day treatments with antibiotics including misuse and antibiotic resistance.  Causes of infections (which many may surprise you) as well as ways to optimize your immune system naturally are addressed with programs outlined to control various infections.
This is an impressive collection of information that should be in everyone's library who wants to naturally address anything from the common cold to ear, skin, digestive, fungal and even viral infections.
-Juli Kight,